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The Primrose restaurant is at the heart of St Andrews Castle. Its name was inspired by a small flower that covers the fields around Scotland's famous castles. Primrose suggests the first rose of spring, because it blooms at the end of the harsh Scottish winter and symbolizes youth and friendship. With their delicate scent, they enchant and also gain prominence in gastronomy, as they are edible flowers and add a special and exquisite touch to dishes.


Primrose, a unique, exclusive and original restaurant like you.

The restaurant also holds the Wine Spectator Awards 2022 – North American magazine specializing in wine – as one of the restaurants with the best wine list in the world. Only 88 establishments across the planet received the Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator.

Every detail of the environment contributes to an intimate and refined atmosphere. The tables are individually lit by a beautiful Czech crystal chandelier. The cuisine is inspired by Franco-Italian cuisine, but adapted to the Terroir of Serra Gaúcha. Our award-winning Chef personalizes recipes, inspired by the preferences and particularities of each client.

The Primrose Restaurant is open every day for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, for both guests and visitors (advance reservation required)...


Sophisticated signature cuisine
By valuing mountain culture, we prioritize the use of fresh and organic ingredients, preserving their essence and quality. Each dish is prepared with care and dedication, putting flavor and soul into each stage of the culinary process. The end result is a memorable gastronomic experience that awakens all the senses.
At Castelo, we believe that food goes beyond the simple act of eating, it is an experience that should touch the heart and soul. Our chef is dedicated to creating dishes that reflect his passion for cooking, providing moments of pleasure and satisfaction to each visitor who has the privilege of tasting our creations.
Come and enjoy the Castle's cuisine, where unusual flavors and exceptional ingredients come together to create a unique gastronomic experience. Enjoy dishes that reflect the richness of the region and the talent of our award-winning chef. You are invited to explore a universe of flavors and be enchanted by the final result.

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Unique and Unforgettable Gastronomic Experiences!

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