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Discover the wonders of the South

In addition to the country's unusually low temperatures, the region explores the aesthetics of cold as a real ingredient. It takes the concept of the cold season and brings it closer to the most characteristic practices: rich gastronomy, lots of charm, cinematic landscapes and a beautiful encounter with snow. 

Many guests wonder if there are enough attractions for many days in the region. Yes, Serra Gaúcha is one of the most desired destinations by tourists from all over Brazil and offers a variety of attractions. Whether for the mild climate, the exuberant nature, the typical architecture or the gastronomic options, Serra is the best option for couples, friends or the whole family.

With German and Italian predominance, Gramado, Canela, Nova Petrópolis, Caxias do Sul, Bento Gonçalves and Garibaldi, are connected by the RS 235 highway, considered one of the most beautiful roads in the country, and also called “Região das Hortênsias”, where in spring and summer, the flowering season, create a spectacle in itself.

Turf, the most charming tourist city in Brazil, has diverse tour and shopping options, excellent gastronomy and shelter for enchanting surprises for the whole family, such as Mini Mundo, Lago Negro, Rua Coberta, Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda, Snowland and much more . And, of course, Natal Luz, “The biggest Christmas party in Brazil”, which leaves the whole city decorated and colorful, enchanting everyone.

Cinnamon It is known for its natural attractions, such as Cascata do Caracol, one of Rio Grande do Sul's postcards, and Skyglass Park, where it is possible to admire the scenic Vale da Ferradura, through the cable-stayed platform 360 meters high. In the city's main square, the Stone Cathedral, with a 65-meter-high tower and carillon

with 12 bells, it enchants with its beauty in English Gothic style. The city has also debuted the Christmas Dream Special, which excites and revives Christmas symbolism in the region.

Nova Petrópolis cultivates the customs of German immigrants. Known as the Jardim da Serra Gaúcha, it preserves its streets and squares that are always flowery, especially in the central square, where the famous green labyrinth is located, made with shrubs that entertains and challenges visitors. At the Pedras do Silêncio Sculpture Park, the story of German immigration is told through sculptures: the saga, the professions, great personalities, culture and tradition.

Garibaldi, considered the Brazilian Capital of Sparkling Wine, has the century-old Peterlongo winery and also the Garibaldi winery, both in the city center. Its history and architecture are incredibly preserved and invite you to unforgettable walks around the city. Peterlongo is the only Brazilian winery (and in the world, outside of France) that has the right to use the term “champagne” on the label of its products – a Portuguese version of the name “champagne”.

Serra Gaúcha also provides incredible experiences for wine lovers, the famous Grape and Wine Route in the Vale dos Vinhedos region, allows visitors to discover the main wineries in the country, such as Casa Valduga and the best sparkling wine in the world , the Miolo winery and its famous Lot 43 wine, the prestigious Chandon winery and Lidio Carraro, with Dádivas Chardonnay, which is part of Queen Elizabeth's wine list.

Another wonderful internationally awarded winery is Cave Geisse, located in Pinto Bandeira, which has incredible experiences, such as Geisse Terroir Experience, Open Lounge, Wine Trekking and Tasting.

There are countless reasons to invite your loved ones, family and friends to be enchanted by the wonderful Serra Gaúcha region. Staying at Saint Andrews Castle completes the unique and unforgettable experience.


It is a place where simplicity and refinement harmonize and where the climate, colors, charms, flavors and programs specific to each season, combined with excellent shopping options, make walks around Gramado a source of inspiration to create and recreate life.

Main tourist attractions:

Covered Street
Black Lake
Festivals Palace
Saint Peter's Church
Crooked Street
Avenida Borges de Medeiros
Municipal Culture Center
Lake Joaquina Rita Bier


GEO, Museum of Minerals, Gems and Fossils, is a modern and innovative space that takes the public on a journey through Earth's fascinating natural history.

The GEO MUSEU collection brings together more than 600 specimens of minerals, gems and fossils from Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, Republic of Congo and Pakistan, among many other countries.

At GEO, nature displays its beautiful arts.


Created by a Frenchman established in the region in 1948, Vitivinícola Jolimont is one of the pioneers in the State in the production of fine and artisanal wines.

The 27 hectares cultivated are at an altitude of 830 meters, combined with the climatic conditions, the mountainous topography and the excellent condition of the soil, allow the fruits to ripen perfectly, forming the ideal Terroir: a set of factors that contributes to the production of a rare wine , with a unique personality. More than that, from this Terroir of Vale do Morro Calçado comes the secret of the identity of a noble wine, with an inexplicable sensation, revealed only on the palate.

The Tour du Vin

The Tour du Vin is an immersive experience in the world of wine. A Wine Tourism tour that will allow you to discover the day-to-day life of a Serra Gaúcha Winery. ?Jolimont is the first winery to bring the virtual reality experience to the world of wine. Experience the entire wine production.

Visit, taste, fall in love!

Make your experience in Gramado and Canela even more unforgettable!


Visit to the Prawer chocolate factory.

A pioneer in artisanal chocolate, and a partner of Saint Andrews, Prawer produces the best chocolates in Gramado and Brazil.

A tour that cannot be left out of the itinerary.


Museu Vivo do Cristal provides a multisensory experience for visitors to Serra Gaúcha

Cristais de Gramado, for over 20 years, has brought people closer to the universe of art in transformation of this ancient technique.


It is the only factory in Brazil that presents the history of Cristal Murano in a playful and immersive experience. Visitors can see the beautiful artistic creations of master glassmakers up close and discover, like few others, the secrets of this ancient art. Watching the production of artistic crystal live, unraveling the mysteries surrounding this ancient technique, is one of the stages of the visit. The journey of knowledge passes, first of all, through the Colors and Curiosities Space, where it is possible to learn details about the history of Cristais de Gramado and its relationship with pieces such as the Kikito de Cristal, the Vase auctioned at Miss Universe, the installation artistic World of Lenses, the secrets surrounding the Crystal Dagger and much more.

The tour continues through the studio, where masters and artisans create true works of art. At this stage, in addition to experiencing this ancient art up close, you get to know secrets such as Rupert's Drop. Another exclusive difference, still in the studio, is the possibility for visitors to be artisans for a day and participate in the production of their own crystal piece – a unique experience in the world, only possible at Cristais de Gramado.

The tour of the Museu Vivo do Cristal also includes the live production of miniatures, using the flamework technique, and the possibility of immortalizing an image in the crystal cube, with 2D and 3D Laser technology. The 'grand finale' takes place in Praça Veneziana, with the performance of 'A Voz do Cristal'. It is a spectacle in which visual and sensorial art combines, where dozens of crystal glasses reveal musical notes, which when brought together, like a Crystal Harmonica, make up a true symphony of feelings. Still in the Venetian Square, you will find Ristorante Dei Maestri, where you can try the Snack of the Masters.

“Our family has the purpose of keeping this ancient art alive”, say directors Telmo de Gomes Freitas, Irane Land, Gustavo Fuchs and Jerry Molinete, emphasizing that they continue to invest in the experiences provided to visitors.

There are secrets that the world deserves to discover and, since 2002, Cristais de Gramado has been revealing to visitors the stories and curiosities surrounding the ancient technique of artistic crystal. As a Living Crystal Museum, covering 2,000 m², it provides unique experiences around this changing universe of art.

Find out more about Cristais de Gramado: Cristais de Gramado also has a showroom with more than 4 thousand decorative and utility pieces, in addition to contemporary jewelry with 24 thousand jewelry.

Located at RS 115, nº 36161, Várzea Grande, a few meters from the entrance portico in Gramado, Cristais de Gramado opens daily, always from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (last performance at 5 pm).



The helicopter flight over Bento Gonçalves, landing at the Casa Valduga winery, takes wine lovers to a level of excellence.

The exclusive visit is led by the owner, who presents Casa Valduga, a personalized tasting of the premium line of wines and ends with a typical Italian lunch at the Maria Valduga Restaurant. Next, we took off towards the Cave Geisse winery, recognized worldwide for producing the best Brazilian sparkling wine.

There, we land in the middle of the vineyards, with a visit in a 4×4 car that travels through the vineyards, with strategic stops to enjoy the sparkling wines, ending with the best sparkling wine, paired with Chilean empanadas.



Natal Luz de Gramado allows you to daydream and return to feelings that have been hidden within your heart for a long time. Countless shows and events spread across the city create sensations, excite the public and revive the symbolism of Christmas. A grand Christmas, a Christmas adventure, a Christmas party, a Christmas fable, a Christmas Parade, Christmas songs, transform an entire city.

And, when you arrive in Gramado, everything happens, you just have to want it, because…
“Here I Believe in the Magic of Christmas Again!”


We live in a time when children and grandchildren are scattered around the planet, looking for other opportunities and experiences. Young people gain wings, go out into the world and their parents' and grandparents' homes are filled with longing and memories. This season is a time for reunions, it's time to return home, reinforce our roots and affections, remember the true spirit of Christmas and live an unforgettable Happy Night!
The world has changed, and more than ever love and faith will make a difference in rebuilding dreams and restoring hope. It is with this spirit that the 38th edition of Natal Luz de Gramado will illuminate the streets and squares of the Magic City of Natal, from October 26, 2023 to January 21, 2024.
Find out more by visiting: Natal Luz de Gramado

(Images and publicity texts – Source: www.natalluzdegramado.com.br)


Discover Gramado by Bike!

Cycling is a rare moment of inner connection, and Gramado can provide unforgettable experiences, especially for photography lovers.

Your tour begins in the Castle gardens, the sumptuous gate already creates a beautiful setting.

Arriving at the center, the first stop is at Praça das Etnias, where you can smell the aroma of bread and cakes, which are baked in the Colonial Ovens (farmers arrive at 4am to light the fire and have everything warm early); o Warehouse of colonial products; the Portuguese House; the Italian Immigration House (with a magnificent collection from Gramado's ancestors) and the colonial fruit and vegetable fairs that take place alongside local artisans.

Next, the most photographed spot in Gramado is Rua das Flores, which tourists call Rua Torta. At the top you can visit the Major Nicoletti Museum, the 1919 house hosts traveling exhibitions and also has a café.

Continuing on the outskirts, you reach Praça das Bandeiras and the image of Kikito – God of Good Humor, an iconic statuette of the Gramado Film Festival awards. Then the most beloved space by Gramado residents, the Joaquina Rita Bier Lake and the Municipal Culture Center which comprises, in addition to traveling exhibitions, the collection of the old Gramado Parque Hotel, one of the first in Gramado. There is also Vila Joaquina, where the huts of the old hotel house creative spaces. Just behind the village you will find a Brizoleta (former RGS wooden schools) and another square for photos and rest. From there you can head to Lago Negro.

Heading towards the heart of Gramado, the center as we call it, Avenida Borges de Medeiros is a scene due to its always flowering and well-kept flowerbeds. The Igreja Matriz São Pedro and, next door, the Chafariz do Amor, a place to put your love padlock. We recommend the Cinema Festival Museum, interactive and modern, located next to the Festivals Palace.

You can consult other tours and see the Cicloturimo Route, through the Gramado colonies in Gramado Unforgettable website 

Before leaving, make your reservation for a special dinner with Chef Fernando Becker, and end your day in an exquisite way.

Important: Wear a helmet, while cycling do not use your phone, do not travel on the wrong side of the road and always stay in single file. Be careful when opening car doors.

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